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Other Services Provided

House Phone

If you need to make a phone call you may use the house phone located at the computer desk in the front lobby. It is for outgoing calls only, and is free to use. There is a list of commonly needed local phone numbers at the desk. 


Computer in Lobby

Computer use is limited to 30 minutes at a time. Once your time is up, please allow the next person in line to use the computer.


Computer is to ONLY be used for online classes and education, job searches/applications, and apartment searches/applications. Getting on social media will result in computer privileges being revoked.


NO drinks or food on desks or near the computer!


Absolutely no one can use this computer between the hours of 9:00 pm to 8:00 am.

Bag Check-In


Patrons may use our temporary storage closet for up to 10 days. All bags must be tagged with your name, phone number and the date of check-in. Tags can be obtained from a staff member.


Bags may be checked in from 8am to 4pm. Access to bags at night is only permitted for patrons who are working or need to gather their bedding. 

The Rolla Mission does not accept responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Any bags left after 10 days will be considered abandoned property and donated to a local charity. 

No food or drinks may be kept in checked bags.

Bags left in the main lobby or outside at closing time will be considered abandoned property and donated to a local charity. 



Day-Use Lockers

Day-use lockers are available at no charge on a first-come, first-serve basis. These lockers are the property of The Rolla Mission.

Limit of 1 locker per person.

Lockers are ONLY for people utilizing our overnight shelter.

Do not store food or drinks in the lockers unless given special permission from staff.

Do not store weapons, drugs, alcohol, or any other illegal paraphernalia in the lockers. Doing so will result in immediate suspension and police notification.

The Rolla Mission reserves the right to open a locker without the consent of the person to whom the locker is registered in instances where locker procedures are being abused or in the case of an emergency situation.

Remember the number assigned to you that corresponds with numbers on the lock.

Please write your full name on the locker label. Only the authorized person (the person utilizing the locker) can access the items. 

Personal locks may NOT be used on day-use lockers. 

Items stored in the locker are entirely at the user's risk. The Rolla Mission shall not be responsible or liable for any loss of or damage to items stored in the locker.

Theft, misuse or damage to lockers is subject to loss of locker privileges. 

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