Case Management

Case Management 

When a person first enters our doors, they have the choice to meet a case manager, or if it is in the evening, they can meet the next day. Every person is asked a few basic questions, including:

  • How long have you been homeless? 

  • What led to your homelessness? Is there anything we can do to address that? 

  • Do you have all of your legal documents? 

  • How is your physical health? When was the last time you saw a doctor? Do you struggle with an addiction? 

  • How is your mental health? 

  • Do you have any income? Do you have a plan to get income? 

  • Are you a veteran? 

  • Are you currently fleeing domestic violence? 


These questions are not asked in a perfunctory manner, but rather in a personal, warm, and caring way, in order to let the person know they are not just another part of a system. Once a holistic picture of the person's health, education, and financial situation is established, an Individual Service Plan is collaboratively created, allowing individuals to set time-bound, measurable goals. At a minimum of once a week, this Plan is reviewed and help is provided (either in the form of referrals, warm hand-offs, needed forms, etc.) to ensure that each person is moving toward self-sufficiency and success.  

Member of Missouri Balance-of-State Continuum of Care (MO BoS CoC)

The Mo BoS CoC is made up of committed leaders and service providers who are working to end homelessness in some of the most rural parts of the state. Mo BoS CoC is the avenue in which community members in service-hub cities, rural counties, and other communities across Missouri have the opportunity to partner for solution-oriented responses to homelessness.

As part of the Mo BoS CoC, The Rolla Mission utilizes the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). An HMIS is an electronic data collection system that stores information about the individuals who seek homeless services. It is a valuable resource because of its capacity to integrate and un-duplicate data from all homeless assistance and homelessness prevention programs in a Continuum of Care (CoC). Through the HMIS, TRM is able to connect its patrons with resources all over the state to find housing more quickly.

30 Day Policy


Any individual 18 years and older may stay at The Rolla Mission Emergency Overnight Shelter. During your first 30 days of stay, individuals are asked to meet with a caseworker, either Ashley Brooks or Cpl. Leann Robertson, to enter into case management.

Case management will involve setting goals through an Individual Service Plan to shorten the amount of time individuals experience homelessness. Each person must engage with a caseworker on a regular basis in order to continue utilizing the emergency shelter.