Frequently Asked Questions

I need a place to stay, are you a shelter?

Unfortunately, we only provide shelter during the winter months (November-March). Our goal is to become a year round shelter eventually. During the day, you're free to rest your head on our recliners. 

Who can stay overnight during the winter?

Anyone who doesn't have a roof over their head is welcome to stay during the winter.

Do you screen people who use your services?

No, we do not screen anyone who uses our services. We have security cameras all around the facility, as well as volunteers and staff that ensure the safety and security of The Rolla Mission.

Do you provide Financial Assistance?

No we do not. We provide immediate needs, such as food, shelter, and laundry. We are happy to make referrals to resources that do provide financial assistance. 

Do you need volunteers?

We are always in need of volunteers! Click here to fill out a volunteer application.

Is there anything you urgently need donated?

Our list of Frequently Used Items is regularly updated. Please check it out and help where you can!

Can I bring in a meal from home?

Because we are a public establishment that serves food, we have to adhere to health and safety codes. This means we can only accept meals that were prepared in a kitchen or facility that is inspected by the Health Department.

Can I plan a fundraiser for you?

Of course! Contact us at or call (573)308-5474 to get it set up!

Do you offer vouchers of any kind?

We partner with The Community Partnership Resale Shop, who provide vouchers for clothing, furniture, etc.


For gas vouchers or financial assistance, we recommend going to G.R.A.C.E.

Do you accept clothing donations?

We cannot accept clothing donations due to limitations of storage space. Please take clothing donations to either The Salvation Army or The Community Partnership Resale Shop. These amazing organizations allow us to write voucher referrals to anyone in need of clothing items.