Free Meals

The Rolla Mission provides meals seven days a week. Below is a breakdown of the meals we serve:


Breakfast is served at 8:30 AM. We offer a continental breakfast every day of the week. This continental breakfast includes cereal, oatmeal, milk, and donuts donated by local businesses. Occasionally, our volunteers will whip up a hot breakfast as well. 



Lunch is served at 12 PM. You can expect a satisfying hot meal from our volunteers. 



Dinner is served at 5 PM. Dinner is only available Monday through Thursday. 

Weekend Bags

Weekend bags are distributed on Friday at 1pm. You may choose what foods you would like in your bag. You can choose from proteins, carbs, fruit cups, and water. The volunteer on duty will let you know how much of each item is available per person.

Meals To-Go

If you will not be at The Rolla Mission during meal time because you are working, please let us know and we will either pack a meal for you or set one aside for when you get off work.